My name is Anabelle Ingram, I used to be someone else but that person is dead, I killed her off in 2020, she had Agoraphobia, I don’t, you can call me Anni too’

My teen years were spent on a traveling house boat, my parents were sea nomads so I’ve taken in many cultures and unique sounds. My voice gained strength as I was always trying to sing above the elements the rain-the thunder, the waves.

I was right there belting with Alanis Morissette , I was in step with blues goddess Janis Joplin, Miley Cyrus, then Taylor caught my ear…life was changed.

I never really performed anywhere, I did mix with many street musicians as we traveled from port to port.

Discovered last year by CJ , my manager, he liked the idea that I was a complete unknown, never having performed and never recorded. He locked me in a studio and wouldn’t let me leave until we found my voice.

So here I come, like a virgin, onto the scene. Still won’t perform, can’t perform live as my Larynx is damaged at the moment but maybe in a few months…hope so, I’m ready